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Having litigated virtually every kind of construction contract and development agreement, we are particularly well-suited to negotiate and prepare such contracts, general contractor agreements, sub-contracts covering virtually every trade and phase of construction, joint development contracts, joint venture and partnership agreements, and construction loan agreements. 


Our expertise in corporate governance allows us to anticipate problems before they occur. Clients rely upon us for counsel and strategic advice in forming entities; creating initial or amended bylaws, shareholder agreements, operating agreements, and partnership agreements; and restructuring entities or business components.

The firm also provides ongoing services, acting as counsel to the board of directors, properly maintaining corporate documents, and conducting investigations into discreet and personnel issues. 


Our firm has broad experience negotiation and preparing distribution contracts in e-commerce, entertainment, and retail settings. We are also very experienced with the negotiation and preparation of sales and marketing contracts dealing with real estate, wholesale and retail products, high-tech products, and software. We believe that our litigation experience in these areas provides a perspective that is beneficial to assuring that our clients' interests are well protected. 


The firm has significant experience negotiating and preparing employment contracts. We have been engaged both by the employer and by the employee. In addition, we also have significant experience negotiating and preparing independent contractor engagements. We counsel and advise clients routinely concerning the differences between these two types of agreements, and when an independent contractor engagement is possible and permissible. 


We represent clients in the negotiation and preparation of contracts for production, artist and performance agreements, event contracts, and concession agreements. We have experience in representing producers, artists, and venues in these areas. Mr. Rudolph's work in this area began in 1976, dealing with production and artist contracts in the music industry. 


Our services in negotiation and preparation of licensing agreements are built upon our experience in intellectual property litigation and transactions, unfair competition litigation, and litigation and transactional work in the entertainment industry. We have negotiated and prepared license agreements dealing with apparel, high-tech products and manufacturing processes, semi-conductors, software, trademarks, and formulations. 

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